One-on-One with Keith Smith: Part 2

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We are excited to introduce Part 2 of our one-on-one with Coach Ketih Smith!

Coach tells about a project he has been working on over the years to capture the history of Foley football. He has been collecting game scores and other information to incorporate into a book. He mentioned that he began writing football players in the summer of 1986 and continued through college. He has gathered many stories from the players that he will also be sharing in the book. We are asking the community to contribute and come forward with any old pictures they may have to help Coach Smith finish his book. Do you have any old photos? Please contact Dusty at 251-213-8504 or email to We need your help!

He also discusses how excited he is about the future for Snook Christian Academy. The school is growing like wildfire and provides a wonderful Christain atmosphere for the kids in our community. The school currently has an athletic program with sports such as soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball. They are working and preparing to have a football team in 2017.

Check out the video to see how you can help with his book project!

Thanks, Coach, for taking the time to share your story with us. The book project is very intersting and we wish you the best of luck getting it completed!